Steve Misencik – Living a Healthy Life Through Resistance Training

As someone who believes the “body is a temple” notion and enjoys the benefits of a good diet while practicing various training disciplines, Steve Misencik understands what it takes to be at the top of one’s physical game.

The importance of strength training – quite possibly the best kind of resistance training – has been recognized for a while, and now is looked upon as not just a tool that can help individuals reshape their body, but also as a routine that actually makes them healthier. There are many reasons why strength training is an important part of any current training programs, including its positive effect on the muscles, and its ability to reduce body fat and improve bone density and weight management.

If You Don’t Use It, You May Lose It

Everybody has muscle mass, even those who don’t necessarily do any resistance training. The problem is that although we do have it, muscle mass actually diminishes with age; that is unless people do something about it. Through strength training, one can not only stop that natural regression and maintain their muscle mass, but actually build additional muscle which serves both aesthetic and functional purposes.

Other Benefits

Strength training has other benefits too, like improved bone density, fat loss, improved mental output, and more effective weight management which can help individuals counter even chronic conditions.

Steve Misencik is an avid gym-rat who loves to work out and do a wide variety of disciplines, including strength training and other forms of resistance exercise.


About Steve Misencik

Steve Misencik is a telecommunication industry specialist who excels professionally. He is a great team leader with 25 years of experience in his industry.
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