Steve Misencik – How to Set and Achieve Goals

Steve Misencik is a network executive at Verizon, one of the biggest wireless service providers in the United States. He is also very passionate about health and fitness. In both his professional and personal lives, he has been very successful at setting and achieving goals that are personally meaningful to him, and allow him to grow and move forward in his life. It is important for anyone to set and work towards goals that are important to them in order to make progress. Here are some helpful goal setting strategies that everyone can use.

  • Approach things with a positive attitude. You will be much more motivated to be productive and take risks if you feel good about the work that you are doing. If you have had a negative mindset in the past, focus on reframing your thoughts in a positive way so that your inner monologue is encouraging.
  • Define your dreams for your future by making a written list. Then, think about small steps that you can take now that will get you closer to that future. It won’t happen overnight, but making small changes will put you on a path to progress.
  • Take risks when you can. These can be anything from interviewing for a new job that seems a little out of reach, to exercising in a new way, to discussing your future with your significant other. Although it can be frightening, doing these things can have amazing positive results when approached thoughtfully.

Steve Misencik has had amazing results when taking a goal-oriented approach to his life, and you can do the same to make positive changes in your life.


About Steve Misencik

Steve Misencik is a telecommunication industry specialist who excels professionally. He is a great team leader with 25 years of experience in his industry.
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