Steve Misencik’s Lobster Facts

For seafood lovers like Steve Misencik, the lobster is a prized ingredient with a great reputation. Though living in Texas does not give him the easiest access to fresh-caught lobster, he makes a point of locating and purchasing the delicacy whenever he can. Though the lobster is thought of in high regard today, it is a crustacean that has led an interesting life in society.

  • In colonial America, the lobster was thought of as a poor-man’s food and only fit to feed to the chickens grazing in farms and villages. Due to its appearance, which is not the most attractive, and the sheer number of lobsters in the Northeastern United States, these crustaceans were considered akin to rodents that plagued the region.
  • Lobsters come in a wide variety of colors, and none of them are red. Lobsters only turn red once they are cooked. The exoskeleton of the lobster can be anything from yellow to brown, and even green or blue.
  • While diners appreciate any lobster they can get, those who fish for lobster are very selective of their catch. On a commercial lobstering boat, only the medium-sized lobsters are harvested. The large lobsters that are caught in nets and traps are released as they are believed to be more genetically potent. The smaller lobsters are released so they can continue to grow and develop more flavor.
  • Steve Misencik learned that mating in the lobster world is left to the whims of the female. While the male and female may join at any time to copulate, the female will not allow her eggs to be fertilized until she feels the time is right.



About Steve Misencik

Steve Misencik is a telecommunication industry specialist who excels professionally. He is a great team leader with 25 years of experience in his industry.
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