Steve Misencik – How Leaders Encourage Success

Steve Misencik has worked in the telecommunications industry for 25 years, starting as an assistant traffic engineer to become Director of Global Network Infrastructure Planning for Verizon. His rise to executive leadership has required him to learn from the best in the industry. Steve Misencik shares some of the important lessons he’s seen work with other leaders that have enabled him find success.

Good ideas can come from anywhere

You may be the CEO of a Fortune 500, but it doesn’t always mean that the best ideas will come from the corner office. Because people in an organization have different roles, they have different perspectives. These viewpoints can be the basis of excellent ideas that provide solutions which consider every angle.

Get the best out of the team

As a leader, one of your primary responsibilities is to get the best out of your team. You have to identify how to work around members’ weaknesses and encourage their strengths. Part of having a performing team is also standing by them through thick and thin. As you push them to become better, don’t forget to cheer them in victory and provide support in times of upheaval.

Enlist help where necessary

While people will look to you for decisions, it’s normal to find yourself with little knowledge or experience in some areas. In such situations, it’s okay to hire people to help you with areas of difficulty, allowing you to focus on your core strengths.

Lead with confidence

It’s possible to increase the intensity without necessarily resorting to intimidation. When things are tough and you need the team to step up, provide clear objectives, communicate consistently, and give prompt feedback.


About Steve Misencik

Steve Misencik is a telecommunication industry specialist who excels professionally. He is a great team leader with 25 years of experience in his industry.
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