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Exercise in general can improve your overall health. Typically, an effective exercise routine consists of a balance between strength or resistance training exercises, and cardio exercises. Most people favor only one or the other and sometimes lean more towards cardio routines since they feel they are doing more with this type of exercise than they would with strength training. However, studies have shown that resistance training helps build muscle, which burns more fat than doing cardio alone.

Steve Misencik Excercise Tips

Few resistance training tips by Steve Misencik:

In order to be successful in resistance training and see results, a person will need to have a clear-cut outline of their goals and a strategy to get there. A helpful tip is to set up a training cycle in small timeframes such as 8-12 weeks. Within the plan, outline the types of exercises and be sure to change them each week. This will help expose the muscles to a maximum amount of variation causing the most significant changes quickly. Another helpful tip for successful resistance training is to use big movements. Doing multi-joint exercises like squats, bench presses and chin-ups can help stimulate the muscles more than single-joint movements.

Another helpful tip that is essential to a successful strength training routine is resting between sets. Resting in between sets gives your muscles a chance to bounce back for the next set of reps. While it may seem backwards, doing higher reps with lighter weight will only need a short rest in between sets while fewer reps with a heavier weight will need a longer rest period in order for the muscles to re-energize.

Steve Misencik, a long-time resident of Dallas, has a strong interest in health and well being. He understands the importance of resistance training and combines this with a cardio routine in order to maintain a healthy exercise routine.

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Steve Misencik is a telecommunication industry specialist who excels professionally. He is a great team leader with 25 years of experience in his industry.
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